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The soccer game

My friend sam calls me and was like to "do want to go to my sisters soccer game so i'm not bored out of my mind?" And i said hold on i kinda have to ask my mom. Then when i eventually called her back she already asked my other amigo if he wanted to go too. So we both went. First we started walking but realized we didn't have any money. So we had to walk all the way back and go get some from sam's daddy. Then we walked the other way. Almost got run over by some cars, learned how to tell our right from our left, also learned how to make a slush puppy, learned how most every police dude hates shaine (the other amigo), went back to the school thing place (the soccer game was at a school), and these two random kids who were like in 3rd grade started throwing rocks at us and called sam a bitch and every other name they knew which it was like two. Then we kinda had a rock fight. And shaine kept throwing rocks down sam's shirt. (not good) Then we went on the slides that didn't slide! Then shaine tried walking home (to loose weight) AQA! (jk) but we followed him with rocks, then he started to chase us so we sprinted back to the playground to get more rocks and grass and we had another rock fight. The kids came back. Then i think we left. Sam came home with me and we went SWIMMING! Made a wicked good wave pool! Then we couldn't decide what to eat so we made both things fries and nachos (i know very healthy!) Then we watched The Secret Life of the American Teenager (wicked good show!) Then watched food network and went to bed. It was such a fun summer's eve!



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